What is TipCow?

TipCow is a tipping application, available for Android, iOS and web, that allows live entertainers to receive digital tips from their fans.

What do you take from the bands?

We don't take anything from you to use TipCow! We retain a percentage of each transaction to cover credit card processing fees, server and hosting costs. This equates to 5% + $0.40 per transaction. Below is a schedule of how this translates for each artist per transaction:

Tip Amount Artist Gets
$20.00 $18.60
$10.00 $9.10
$5.00 $4.35
$2.00 $1.50

If you don't charge the bands, how does TipCow make money?

We're looking to provide services to better connect fans to you so they tip you more often with TipCow. We're also looking into allowing you to purchase equipment, rent rehearsal space, cover tour expenses, etc. with your digital tip jar. Our digital tipping app is just one of many services we plan to offer you as a music tech company.

When do I get paid out?

We disburse funds to you at the end of every month for tips that have cleared our payment processor and our 7 day fraud detection requirements. Unfortunately we cannot release funds by request on-demand at this time.

Why don't I just use PayPal, Venmo, or Square? They don't charge processing fees.

This is absolutely true, and if they work for you, don't stop. What we're doing is providing ways for fans to easily find, and tip, you. We work with you directly to make sure the tipping experience works for your show without having to tell fans your email address or other identity information while on stage.

We are also working on services to give fans incentives to tip you, and ways for you to connect with those tippers. Stay tuned!

What do I need to do to sign up?

Click here, enter your login information, then verify your account over email. From there, follow the prompts, fill out your full profile including the required hometown, avatar, and link to at least one social network and/or website. That's it! We're actively working on allowing you to start pulling in your data from these services, if you desire.

Why do I have to give my debit card? Why can't I do PayPal, or a verified bank account?

Debit cards are the most secure, simplest way to pay you out every month. In the coming months, we will release alternative options for disbursement. If you absolutely cannot (or will not) give us a debit card, email us at nacho@tipcow.me from the email used to signup for your account with the subject "Alternative payout request". Give us details on how you would like to be paid and we'll work with you to make it happen.

How do I encourage fans to tip at my shows?

By mentioning the app during or after your set, sharing it with them on your social media accounts, and telling your fans they can support you through TipCow in whatever way you need support. You can use it to garner support for making your next album, make it to the next city on your tour, or even just buying your band a well deserved drink! If you'd like any promotional materials to help spread the word (stickers, flyers, etc.), feel free to email us at nacho@tipcow.me and we'll make something happen!